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The School workshops are catered for:

  • All Grades from JK to Grade 4 (it's ok if it takes a couple of days to see the whole school, it doesn't change the price)
  • Just Kinders (it can be tailored specifically to them)
  • Your EDP Programs that run through the Summer
  • We can also be flexible to work with the needs of your school!

The Satellite workshop involves taking over the school gym, where we set-up a series of stations which introduce your students to jumps, landings, basic tumbling, obstacle courses, parkour vaulting and some general fitness activities. We pride ourselves on providing a dynamic and inclusive approach to getting kids active and trying new things. Our workshop is about 45 minutes in length but can be tailored depending on how much total time you have and how many classes, not to mention we can double-up on classes to allow more students the opportunity to partake. The program is safe, challenging and rewarding for students from JK to Grade 4, and complies with the OPHEA guidelines. The only thing required for the workshop is access to folding mats and benches - the rest we bring with us. We usually arrive about an hour before school starts so that we can properly set up and be ready for the classes to come in and enjoy!

The cost is FREE for the whole school for the first workshop which includes the following:

  • All Set-Up and takedown of the stations
  • A Master Starr Coach to lead the activities for each class

If you would like to book additional days for your school, the cost is then $400.00 + HST per day.

Testimonials from Teachers and Principals:

“Bubbles and Jester were amazing at the workshop with our Kindergarten friends! The kids were engaged throughout the instructional time and enjoyed exploring all of the stations that were set up for them. The activities were age appropriate and gave each child the opportunity to explore the centre(s) that were of interest to them. We would highly recommend this workshop and will definitely be booking again in the future!”

- Teacher, Holy Redeemer School

“I have experienced Starr Gymnastic for several years. I would not hesitate to recommend this workshop to any school. The instructors are professional and know how to engage the most reluctant student.”

- Teacher, Our Lady of Victory School

“I have been involved with Starr gymnastics for over 20 years in different formats of them presenting to classes. After school sessions, lunch hour sessions and all day inservices and birthday parties and trips to their club. They are a very engaging and fun group that all students should benefit from. There is something for every student and I highly recommend your school contact them for a session or more!”

- Principal, Our Lady of Fatima

Thank you for taking the time to consider offering this experience for your students. Please let us know if you'd like to book a date for your free workshop by emailing info@starrgymnastics.com


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